Friday, March 24, 2006

TV and birdies

Ugh, couldn't sleep last night and watched the latest episodes of E.R. and Grey's Anatomy. It's kinda funny how you get confused if you see two hospital shows in a row. E.R. still makes me want to gouge my eyes out (what is UP with those weirdo actors they're bringing in, first John Leguizamo and now Armand Assante in the oddest performance of the year, some creepy old rich dude who wants to hire Sam as his "private nurse". Yah right). Fortunately, at least Grey's Anatomy is still moderately funny (though with a certain eye-gouging factor as well...).


So I've looked thru my VAST CLOSET OF CRAFT SUPPLIES and am thinking about making this one:

Isn't it ADORABLE with the happy washing on the clothesline? And that really, really CUTE bird? I figure all it needs is a stick, some wire and some felt/fabric (found some old curtain samples from Smith & Noble in my VAST CLOSET OF CRAFT SUPPLIES that I had all forgotten about). Possibly I could just put one of them easter chicks in there that you can buy everywhere? Or some pompon thingy? I figured I could just hotglue the washing on the clothesline. I SO suck at sewing!
Hmm.. pondering... ooh I'll go to the Smith website and try and get more fabric samples...
This is from a Japanese craft book and the picture came from the delightful blog at which I am totally addicted to.

Took the Muppet personality test:

You Are Rowlf the Dog

Mellow and serious, you enjoy time alone cultivating your talents.
You're a cool dog, and you always present a relaxed vibe.
A talented pianist, you can play almost anything - especially songs by Beethoven.
"My bark is worse than my bite, and my piano playing beats 'em both."

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