Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vegas, Baby!

Spent four days in Las Vegas early June (our first time in Vegas!). I really liked the place, but I can see how it can get annoying after a few days. I loved visiting all the hotels and looking at all the sights & people / lions / fountains / pirate ships / rollercoasters / fake Elvises trying to sell you timeshares, but it was really exhausting (so much walking! and so hot!).
Fortunately, we spent a whole day in an air conditioned rental car, driving around in the canyons (Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire) outside Vegas, enjoying the gorgeous nature.

We didn't really do much of the typical Vegas stuff like Shows or gambling (we lost exactly 20 Dollars at the slot machines, hah!). William was mostly happy that we saw some chipmunks and lizards out in the desert ;-) Oh, and we really enjoyed the huge buffets (especially at the Paris and the Rio; snow crabs and filet mignon and sushi and cheesecake and Italian ice cream, oh my!), even though, good grief, they are expensive!! Whatever happened to cheap buffets?

Our hotel (Paris) was v. nice but v. overpriced, too. Next time I'd like to stay in "Old" Vegas, away from the strip, and see what it's like there! They have a big lightshow there at nightfall but we didn't get a chance to see that. Anyway, it was nice and exciting, but it's always good to come home again ;-)


Mdx said...

Those are some stunning desert pictures. I've never been to Vegas but I'm undecided about how fun it would be. By the sounds of things I wouldn't go hungry, a big + there. Also some good clubs from what I've seen on TV. Doesn't seem like there's much remaining in terms of history.

bellaconda said...

Thanks! Yeah, there's a ton of lounges / nightclubs; the Tangerine at Treasure Island looked pretty cool, but we didn't actually venture inside *me being scared to death of cool people*

I'd definitely go again; it's about as relaxing as a trip to an insane asylum, but very, very interesting.