Monday, November 20, 2006

Entertain me, Internet!

The Face Transformer: upload an image of yourself, see what you'd look like as an African American, Caucasian, Old Person, Child, Anime Character...

The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library: Cartoon bunnies reenact movies in 30 seconds (Watch "Jaws"! HAHAHA!)

Something a little more design related:

Apartment Therapy: Shopping, decorating, design, style; I can spend hours here, imagining eclectic design between my four walls *yeah like that's gonna happen*...

and then there's Decor 8, a picture heavy site that always makes my little ol' laptop cough a little and simulate a heart attack (especially if I happen to open about 10 other browser windows at the same time, where can I get a t-shirt that says "I [heart] tabbed browsing"?). The site's main contributor, Holly, is roaming around Germany right now, so there's some beautiful pictures of Hannover, among others.

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