Saturday, January 02, 2010

Yoplait Fiber One Gift Pack Giveaway!

Woot! The people from Fiber One through Myblogspark sent me a free Fiber One "Healthy & Fit Weight Management" gift pack to review on my blog - a coupon for a free 4pack of Fiber One 50 Calorie Yogurt, plus an insulated lunch bag and some other cool lunch accessories (once I morph into a cubicle smurf, these will come SO handy!).

I got the Vanilla yogurt with my coupon, and it was actually quite yummy for being low-cal; I could kinda taste the artificial sweetener (aspartame) in it, but the 5 grams of added fiber are really a great idea. I'm a carb-aholic; if I had my way, I'd live exclusively on Wonder Bread and white pasta, so I need any fiber I can get... (here's a
coupon link for $1 off).

AND, here's the FREE STUFF: I can give away THREE more of these gift sets to my U.S. blog readers! Just send your full name & address by the end of Sunday, January 3, to ..., and I will forward the first three names to Myblogspark - they'll take care of sending out these free gift packs! So don't delay like I did in posting this *cough*, 'cause my deadline for sending in the winners' names is already January 4...

UPDATE - congrats to the winners, Cheryl, Doreen, and Susanne!

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