Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Review and Giveaway!

I received an awesome "Nourish your inner goddess" gift from MyBlogSpark and Yoplait for reviewing the new Yoplait Greek yogurt - a spa package with slippers, a spa wrap and various brushes and sponges, and two free yogurt coupons. Mind you, that was in back in March - I had a REALLY hard time actually finding this yogurt in my stores until recently, when my SuperTarget finally jumped on the bandwagon. So, I bought a container of Yoplait Greek Honey Vanilla yogurt.

Now, I've had plenty of other Greek yogurt (like Fage, Chobani, Oikos and Dannon) before, and just LOVE the stuff. Greek yogurt is yogurt that has been strained, so it's thick, creamy, fat free, all-natural, high in protein, yummy! That's why I was a little (very) surprised at the texture of Yoplait's version when I finally bought it - it was totally, weirdly chalky, and the honey wasn't a separate layer but instead all mixed in and didn't really taste very much like honey. Also, a look at the ingredients was rather disappointing - gelatin? added vitamins? weird "milk protein concentrate"? blargh. Anyway, Yoplait Greek comes in three flavors (Strawberry, Blueberry, Honey Vanilla) and plain, so I'll be sure to test out the other ones... maybe.

Aaanyway, the spa gift pack was REALLY nice, and MyBlogSpark allowed me to have a GIVEAWAY for a second package (including two free coupons) on my blog!

: Congrats to winner Karen! Sorry to everyone else who left a comment or emailed me; keep an eye out for other MyBlogSpark giveaways in the blogosphere; they ROCK!


Karen said...

what a neat giveaway! I haven't tried the new Yoplait yogurt but I have become addicted now to greek style yogurt.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try Strawberry :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!