Friday, March 25, 2011

Nutella cupcake party!

I got a great package from
Nutella - a big, BIG jar of Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread, and enough mini Nutella packs, coupons, recipe cards, Nutella spreaders, and coffee tumblers to share!

So, what to do with so much Nutella bounty - apart from eating it on toast, waffles, toasted and buttered french bread slices... *drool* - CUPCAKES! Yay!

And coincidentally I found a great recipe for
Nutella cupcakes with 3-tone frosting. Even before baking, the cupcake dough is insanely yummy, almost like a Nutella flavored chocolate mousse. One mistake I made was to not use paper liners - they ended up a bit crumbly, but oh so tasty!

The best thing, though, were all the different frostings! The almond butter cream cheese frosting is so good, they should bottle it & sell it. The Nutella frosting is nicely chocolate-y, and the vanilla frosting is... probably pretty good as well, but I ran out of sugar so I only made the two kinds.

Piping frosting is CLEARLY not my strength, but they were a huge success!

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