Monday, July 18, 2011

Beets! Eek!

Here's something I never thought I'd make (and eat): Roasted beet salad! Growing up, we were exposed to jarred, pickled beets that people in the old country love, apparently. Well, I always hated the weird half-rotten, half-vinegary taste those had.

Fast forward to this year, and I see beets show up on all the cooking blogs, and find a bunch of really nice looking beets at my Whole Foods.
Well, I bought exactly two - "if they turn out icky, at least I'm not out a lot of money!" was the thought process here. I wanted to make a beet and feta cheese salad - kinda like this one from Whole Living, but I roasted the beets, with garlic and herbs, in some aluminum foil in the oven until soft, used toasted walnuts instead of pine nuts, and added some zucchini and chopped sweet onion, just because I had them.

Turns out, it was actually quite yummy! Still a little too beet-y, but definitely edible (mostly b/c I put a crapload of walnuts and feta in there - anything's better with nuts and cheese!)

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