Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The things I have to put up with

Excerpt from an IM conversation I had earlier today with THE BEST HUSBAND OF ALL -

[14:02] me: hi sweetiepie!
[14:02] hubby: whatja doing?
[14:02] me: playing mahjongg
[14:02] hubby: ooooh
[14:02] me: roasting cauliflower
[14:02] hubby: ah, k
[14:02] me: doing laundry
[14:02] me: repotting plants
[14:02] hubby: nice
[14:02] hubby: multitasking
[14:02] me: cleaning litterbox
[14:03] me: just gotta make sure i don't confuse things...
[14:03] hubby: right
[14:03] hubby: that could get ugly
[14:03] me: btw your dinner is in the litterbox
[14:03] hubby: so it'll be an improvement then?

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