Thursday, June 22, 2006

Any way the wind blows (it's all worth waiting for)

We saw Toad The Wet Sprocket!

At "Taste of Randolph Street" (west of downtown Chicago) on 6/18/06. A little street fest with food, live bands, culinary demonstrations (we sat down for a sommelier demonstration where they handed out samples, yay!)

I was giddy with excitement all day, and it was so worth it!

Apart from some annoying people in the crowd around us, shaking their plastic cups of beer and yelling at each other, it was a perfect concert. I had tears in my eyes when they played the classics like "I will not take these things for granted" or "Whatever I fear". Who would have thought I'd ever get to see them!

Here's parts of three songs that I taped with my camera (bad audio quality, but what can ya do...):


Cate said...

Didn't realize they were still around! Saw them many years ago when they first started - they're really great in concert.

bellaconda said...

yeah, I was kind of a "late adopter" there; only heard of them after they broke up.
The singer, Glen Philips, seemed like a seriously nice and funny guy.