Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's never too early for pink and purple Christmas.

This is, of course, a shameless copy of Maize Hutton's post about her cute little tree from Target. On the other hand, I can't help it if we have a Target store just up the road. I LOOOVE this year's collection and store decoration (huge snowflakes and winter scenery cutouts hanging from the ceiling) by Tord Boontje. So we went to look at some early Christmas gifts, and so my eye fell upon this lone, little pink-and-purple tree - the last one! Somebody had put a plastic tiara on it, but I could see that he didn't really need that to shine. So now he's happily sitting on my kitchen counter next to Buddha. I hope that'll enlighten my cooking *har, har*.

We finished our first stab at Christmas shopping by stopping for the first eggnogg and gingerbread lattes of the year at Starbucks. They are selling some tempting Christmas stuff this year; a cute little advent calendar, some adorable Christmas stockings, and snow globes! Well, it was fun sitting out in the sun, sipping coffee.

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