Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Children of Men

So we went to see "Children of Men". A great movie, very loosely based on P.D. James's sci-fi-novel "The Children of Men" (German title: "Im Land der leeren Häuser" - translates as "The Land of Empty Houses"). Awesome action sequences, fascinating story taking place in a totalitarian Great Britain. The plot: All over the world, no human child has been born in 19 years - humanity is facing extinction for completely unknown reasons. Everything is basically going to hell in a handbasket - violence, terrorism, nobody cares any more about anything. Then the somewhat unlikely hero of the story (played by Clive Owen) encounters a pregnant woman...


Anonymous said...

I thought COM was at least 45 minutes too short.... it really needed far better fleshing out, detail, and elaboration. The ending was incredibly disappointing! I hope there are many more movies like it though since I think that discussing these sorts of serious issues - immigration, detainment facilities, and the future we want - are vital discussion topics.

bellaconda said...

Hey, thanks for your comment *I'm always happy to see I'm not boring everyone to death*.
I was mainly just grateful they made the movie at all, since I love anything utopian/dystopian. Yes, it could have been longer - but I kind of enjoyed the shocklike briefness of some scenes (like when he's on his way to his cousin: Left me thinking, WTF just happend? Was that a zebra?). The ending, yeah, it was very "open" - maybe room for a part two?
(Btw, what cracked me up was when in one of the early shots of refugees imprisoned in cages, an old German refugee woman complains loudly - in German - that she had been stuck in there "with those black people!". Ah, irony.)