Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in Nebraska

(too dark) -

(too many clouds) -

(not enough clouds) -

YAY! The money shot! Click to enlarge!

This was at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. Lots of lakes, geese, duckies. In autumn and spring, you can apparently see gazillions of migrating snow geese. Possibly even bazillions. Who needs a white Christmas when you can go out and enjoy nature at 50 degrees?

(In other news, loot was received, good food was eaten - vegetarian Thai stuff, and German potato salad - where's my HAM? -, church services were visited on Christmas Eve (they had a computerized screen for song lyrics at the front. Hubby was mesmerized. What will those Methodists think of next?) - and Christmas lights in people's front yards were looked at.

None of them had 150 penguins in their front yards, though. We've seen them. They're somewhat creepy.

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