Friday, June 22, 2007

I *heart* my Oleander

Is it wrong to love a plant? After I had to leave my old Oleander tree back in Chicago since it didn't fit in the car any more, I bought a couple of tiny new ones online which slowly withered away during the winter. Then, one lovely day in spring, we were walking through Walmart's plant section and, lo and behold, hubby spotted a huge (3 foot) Oleander! For a mere 12 bucks!

It's been sitting happily on my balcony ever since and has grown huge, with lots of big, pinkish-red blossom heads. It doesn't even mind that I habitually under- and overwater it. Does it possibly love me back? For rescuing it from Walmart's shoddy , smelly and dark indoor plant section? For putting a kitty cat in its shade, which sits there patiently all morning and evening, watching the birdies? For, err, exposing it to noxious grill fumes a few times a week? Wait... forget that one...

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Anonymous said...

No, plants don't feel love. However, they do feel pain which is why I enjoy eating them raw.