Monday, July 16, 2007

One Art, Please!

We went to the "Starving Artists" sale this Sunday. Have you seen the tv commercials? "For one weekend only! Sofa-sized oil paintings! At the *insert hotel chain name here* hotel!"

Well, this was at an ill-lit conference room at the Doubletree. I was fully expecting horribleness, Chinese mass-produced roaring-deer-in-forest landscapes. And I was not disappointed. However, they actually had some acceptable stuff, too, like Van Goghs and Monets (I'm a sucker for the Impressionists). We ended up with a (not quite sofa-size) sunflower painting. The green, when looked upon in broad daylight, turned out not to be my favourite shade of green, but I guess it's not bad for 50 bucks, and it'll fit nicely over the dining table. And hey, it's a real oil painting! (Although the guys framing and selling the stuff looked and behaved like carnies - "Hey, baby, you got a boyfriend?") Very entertaining, though, and a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon away from the 90 degree heat - thumbs up, Doubletree, great air conditioning!

*edit: I've just found this article on the Starving Artists by art historian Dr. Lori. Now I feel bad.

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Anonymous said...

Mass produced art is no different than buying a printed poster: just a different media and it's done by a person instead of a printing machine. Now, if they can replace the person with a robot, then I'd be happy. Too many jobs have been taken away from robots. Obey Your Robot Overlords!