Thursday, August 16, 2007

Best vegetarian burgers. Ever.

I found this recipe for walnut oatmeal burgers on one of my favourite food blogs, everybody likes sandwiches (slightly adapted from My Food Geek's original recipe).

Now I've tried my share of meatless burgers made of beans and grains and tofu and whatnot, but nothing was ever a keeper. This one definitely is. My first thought biting into it was: "This actually tastes like the real thing!", i.e. it had a certain "meatiness" to it, and the texture was just right, juicy and soft. Excellent!

I ground up the walnuts in a (cleaned up) coffee grinder, which made them a little mushy like peanut butter, until I added some of the oats to the coffee grinder to absorb some of that oil, and then it worked fine.

Cooking the burgers in broth after frying them seems odd, but they keep their texture nicely and this is what makes them wonderfully juicy.

I didn't try them with the accompanying garlic lemon green beans *forgot to buy beans at the grocery store* but will definitely have to, since they sound delicious. Instead, we had corn on the cob the first day and Greek pasta salad the second day. Next time, I'll make the whole recipe and see how well the prepared burgers freeze!

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