Thursday, September 06, 2007

Here's some $@#! content for you!

I've realized this has become more of a photo blog than anything else. Even with my cable internet connection, my blog now takes me a little while to load thanks to all the dang pictures I've been putting on it. So, less pictures, more content!



Hehe. Yesterday I read a feature in our local paper about dogs living downtown. Between the pampered little pekingese and other pocket dogs, there was a picture of a large blackish-brown German shepherd whose owner has a motorbike shop or something like that. The dog's name? Heike. Hey, that's MY name! I've never met or even heard of any non-German person (or dog, for that matter) with that name. The article even mentions the spelling: hike-uh. Hah. That's what a normal weekend conversation between me and hubby usually sounds like - Me: "Hike?" - he (dejectedly): "Uh!"

Quote from the article: "Like a lot of dogs, Heike will eat just about anything. One treat: Pringle’s potato chips. But usually she doesn’t get people food." Hey, I love Pringles, too!

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the Hubby said...

I think I like the pictures better. ;-)