Friday, February 22, 2008

Yay! Reusable plastic bags!

Contrary to IKEA (see second post below), we DO have a Whole Foods Market within 10 minutes' driving distance, so we aren't completely out in the boonies. And what a nice place it is. Super pregnant hippie girls in flowery dresses working the registers, some German food (Seitenbacher vegetable broth with no artificial anything and no MSG, whee!), Teeccino herbal coffee (tastes like real coffee, but no caffeine!), Reed's Jamaican Ginger Ale, and I love the "fill it yourself" vats of seeds and grains and granola.

I also like their new "Better Bags", reusable, roomy and really sturdy woven, recycled bags for 99 cents. If you reuse them on each visit, they deduct 10 cents per bag from your receipt.

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