Saturday, April 19, 2008

KC Pet Expo

We went to the Pet Expo - they had basically (mostly?) lots of pet adoption and rescue groups with a few of their adoptable animals - mostly dogs who enjoyed a TON of petting and treats, also some cats (*squeak* kittens!), a booth with African hedgehogs, and a lone bunny - no guinea pigs (sob!). Also some horses, donkeys, alpacas, and vendors selling pet related stuff - food, treats, medications.

There was a very exciting (and wet!) dock diving dog competition where dogs jump after a toy into a basin full of water and the length of the jump is measured - that was fun. Also a dog agility course (especially fun to see the teeny tiny dogs jump over teeny tiny hurdles!), a dog fashion show - fortunately mostly for leashes and collars, no silly costumes - , a reptile show and an "acrobatic" cat show (cats jumping through hoops - or not!) which would have been better if the presenters hadn't been half asleep.

Here's a couple of videos I took of some particularly eager dock dogs:

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