Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Bulgur burgers with black olives:

Roast 1/2 chopped onion in some oil until golden, add 1 cup bulgur and roast for a couple minutes. Add 1.5 cups stock, cook for 15 minutes and fluff. Let cool slightly. Add about 2 Tblsp chopped black olives, some chopped mint or parsley (or some dry herbs), maybe a bit of grated carrot, and 2-3 eggs (and possibly some flour or breadcrumbs) until you can shape the dough into small bite-size burgers. They'll be crumbly as hell, so make sure you shape them with wet hands. Fry in oil until crispy.

Serve with cucumber yogurt: Pressed garlic and ginger, cumin, fresh chopped mint or parsley, whole milk yogurt, and grated cucumber! Heaven!

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