Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Venturing downtown

Last Saturday, we ventured out of our cozy little suburb into the big, scary city. We went to see the Indian scout statue overlooking downtown (after circling the damn area about five times, seriously KC, would it KILL you to put up a sign? And what is up with that area, a ramshackle parking lot next to a skating park, then an overgrown foot path in REALLY bad condition, with no idea what looms behind the next hill?), anyway, nice view! Then we drove on

to Crown Center (bypassing the Irish fest, which seemed to be a LOT more popular than the German Octoberfest we visited a couple of years ago, what is UP with that!),

to have lunch and visit the "Art of the Brick" Lego exhibition!

And then on to Loose park, where no less than THREE wedding parties were enjoying the nice weather (and blocking the damn rose garden and the duck pond bridge, wtf, people! STEP AWAY FROM THE DUCKS!).

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