Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here's why I love Costco

This is pretty much all we're buying from Costco (wholesale store) right now. We originally got the membership for the Hubster's new glasses and now we're just going in WITHOUT A CART (that's the trick - otherwise I tend to pick up too much junk food here and there - OOH peanut butter filled pretzel bits!) and buying these few things - a huge tub of organic spring lettuce, a vat of feta cheese, a boatload of mushrooms, a gallon of Sabra pine nut hummus, and shmaybe some bread (if they ever get the blue cheese & pepper ciabatta back in, I'm going on a carb binge, though!)

Fry up sliced mushrooms with garlic, add some balsamic vinegar & let reduce, pour - still warm - over dressed salad, add feta crumbles - dinner!

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