Sunday, September 04, 2011

Clarisonic Plus Skin Cleansing System

The Vogue Influencer Network was nice enough to send me a free Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System! It came with a bunch of little cleanser bottles to try out, a charger, a facial brush and a body brush head. This thing is awesome.

According to their blurb, the Clarisonic system is supposed to "use sonic technology to gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse 6X better than using your hands alone". I've been using this baby on my face and shoulders/back for three weeks now. Since the first week, I LOVE how it makes my face feel all clean and tingly and fresh. I use the facial brush mornings and evenings for about a minute (it beeps to tell you when it's time to change sides/areas, which is kinda cool but slightly annoying...), and the body brush a few times a week.

Not only is my skin feeling softer and radiant; my slightly blemish prone skin has cleared up quite a bit since using the Clarisonic. I still get the occasional pimple and blackhead here and there, but a lot less than before (you gotta make sure to wash the brush with antibacterial soap and let it dry really well to prevent spreading any bacteria). I love my Clarisonic and am actually going to spring for replacement brushes when the time comes.

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Julia said...

Sounds great I have to try this out at Sephora!