Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sauerkraut Balls???!

Just looking thru the Midwest Living "Best Game-Day Snack Recipes", I discovered this delightful treat:

"Sauerkraut Balls: This traditional German appetizer, popular in northeast Ohio, comes from the Hey Hey Bar and Grill in Columbus. Even if you're not usually a sauerkraut fan, you may love the sweet-sour tang of mustard and kraut inside crispy deep-fried shells."

Not so sure about the "traditional German appetizer" part (never heard of these, and, as I never cease to preach, most Germans don't REALLY eat sauerkraut all that much (or, at ALL), and would be pretty nauseated at the mere idea of deep fried sauerkraut balls), and I LOVE how they say you "may" love them - not "will"! - but now I totally want to try them out!

Recipe's here.

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