Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here's a groundhog, there's a groundhog...

Groundhogs all over the place. For the second day in a row we've seen a groundhog sitting right by the road on the edge of a wooded area. Yesterday I was all freaked out that he might had gotten run over (he was kind of crouching to the ground), but today he was just sitting there, happily munching away on grass like an enormous guinea pig. There's really some great other names out there for groundhogs: "woodchuck", "whistlepig", or "Murmeltier" in German (literally "mumbling animal". Ha, ha. Several jokes were made about that one).

In other news, I'm making yogurt with my Salton yogurt maker (say THAT three times fast!). Hopefully I'll get enough out of it to bake a cheesecake! Hmm, cheesecake.

Oh, and it's warm here. It was in the 90s two days ago, today it's nice and bearable, but it'll go back up to the 80s again by Saturday. Weird. Global warming? Oh, shush.

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