Monday, September 11, 2006


Did you know that there is such a thing as Japanese dollar stores? In North America? Where they sell Japanese things for a buck or two? DID YOU???

Well I didn't. And I guess I can be glad I didn't, 'cause now I'm pining for a visit to Canada or Seattle, only to go shopping. I would have to park W. somewhere else as he already gets "highly impatient" after what feels like 5 minutes in a normal dollar store. As proven last Sunday. I try and give him tasks as in "go find a squeegee" and "go get me a cart, would you, Dear?", but in vain...

So there's this one called Daiso in Seattle, and then some more on the West Coast, and I really hope they'll spread out like mushrooms. Heh. Cute little mushrooms with faces on them like these:

: Little Mushrooms :.
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