Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lawrence, KS

We went on a shopping trip to Lawrence (about 40 minutes west of Kansas City). There's a ton of arts- and- craftsy stores, pottery, hippie *scored some Japanese incense sticks there*, and foodie places (e.g. a European market featuring German Milka christmas chocolate for 5 bucks, oh hell no!).

Basically like a miniature Seattle (including the good coffee, and the druggies begging on the streets). Got some nice little Xmas gifts there, had some Greek food @ The Mad Greek, and particularly loved the Blue Heron home furnishings store - I could just move in and live there! Tord Boontje paper garland lamps, colorful paper star lanterns, asian inspired sofas, pretty candles...

Next time, we'll have to eat at Local Burger (we couldn't find the dang place yesterday!) which has things on the menu like elk or buffalo burger, quinoa-millet pilaf and "cup of love" juice. Hmmh.

Pictures taken from the car on the drive to and from Lawrence:


T. said...

Heiho, tolle Bilder, was für ne Kamera hast du nochmal?

bellaconda said...

Eine ganz simple (und mittlerweile bestimmt veraltete): Canon Powershot A75 (Digitalkamera). Wie sagt Männe immer so schön, "we'll fix that in post!"
Danke fürs Kompliment und schöne Grüße nach Düsseldorf!