Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bad blogger! Bad blogger!

... oh, and happy belated Valentine's Day to you. I've been incredibly lazy with my blogging (and I know the statistically exactly 1.5 people who visit this site daily are horribly disappointed. What I'd LIKE to know is, who is that 0.5 person? A midget? Somebody with a really, really slow internet connection? Hello, INSA?)

So... Valentine's Day. This year, Krispy Kreme Donuts offered special heart-shaped donuts. Unfortunately, somebody at the store must have been on a sugar high (or low) and gave us 11 instead of a full dozen donuts. Yes, I'm talking about you, Krispy Kreme in Overland Park! I'm pointing fingers! (*actually, those heart donuts weren't that great. I prefer the cream filled ones with, like, 500 calories more*).

Also, roses and a HUGE, padded (?), red, chocolate filled valentine's heart were received (and ungraciously accepted in typical German manner - "baah, AMERICAN chocolate??" - Smooches!).

Me, I bought some "warm apple pie" scented soap for my apple pie lovin' sweetie, AND baked the best apple pie of my life. I have a thing with baking pies from scratch, the crust is never baked right/too dry/overworked. I guess the combination of the right recipe *sings the happy "You Can't Go Wrong With Two Sticks Of Butter" song*, and a better oven (heat from above AND below! Oh brave new world!) made it just right. Buttery, flaky crust, cinnamon-y apple filling, hmmmh....

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