Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sandra Boynton @ Kohl's

Ever since her "Chocolate" and "Christmastime" books, I've been a huge fan of Sandra Boynton and her animal characters. So I was thrilled when I saw a Kohl's ad for some of her characters in plush! Just 5 bucks, and really well-made, "and small pellets in the bottom for added stability", what else can you want... (yeah, I've got some added stability too...)

Also, books and CDs for 5 bucks as well. It's for a good cause, the profits go towards the Kohls Cares for Kids program. I'm wondering, though, how much profit can you get out of a $5 selling price?)

Oh well, I got me a rhino. With a bow tie. He's sitting very nicely on one of the dining chairs. Thanks to the pellets in his bum.

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