Saturday, April 21, 2007

Close but no fleece blanket

I guess we're official Kansas Cityans now: Waiting in line for an hour to get tickets to the Royals baseball game! The place was packed - I guess the beautiful weather combined with a "free Royals fleece" offer was enough to attract over 30,000 people. Unfortunately, they only had 20,000 blankets. Also unfortunately, we were among the last to get in. Oh well, in a few weeks there'll be free t-shirts, so we'll be back.

The game? Oh, they won, I think. Against the Minnesota Twins, if I got that correctly. Hey, don't blame me, I had two Guiness. Wake me in the middle of the night and I can perfectly explain any soccer offside rules, but baseball is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Most of the time I'm busy trying not to get hit by any rogue balls. This time, we were in a fancy catered (and enclosed) suite, thanks to my SIL, so at least there was not danger of getting knocked out!

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