Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tornado alarm

Ooh that was fun. The first tornado warning of the year! Sirens howling, us grabbing safe box, cell phones and wallets *and the kitty* and sitting in the bathroom (safest place in the house, since it's enclosed by other rooms and doesn't have any windows).

Fortunately, the tornados didn't actually touch down anywhere. But, this being Kansas, I'm sure there'll be plenty more opportunities. I know we're reasonably safe here, being in a large new home and not in a little mobile trailer, but that siren (just up the road from here) scares the crap out of me every time I hear it (they test it once a month). Well, our first "safety drill" went pretty well *knock on wood*.

Also, it gave me a chance to take some pictures of our new high-def large screen TV which is pretty nice. A bit overpowering for our small living room, but we'll get used to that.

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