Monday, May 07, 2007


That's the town of Greensburg, Kansas, which was pretty much wiped out by a massive Tornado last Friday. If you look at the destruction, it's hard to believe "only" eight people were killed in the town (and two people nearby), but apparently everyone else was able to hide in storm cellars and shelters when the sirens went off, 20 minutes before the storm hit. That's living in Tornado Alley for you (Tornado Alley = the midwestern states where tornados are most likely to occur, from Oklahoma north to Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota).

It's kinda funny/sad how, on various German news sites and blogs, people were having fits about global warming bringing this on. In fact, global warming would probably help diminish tornados since they are created by the collision of warm and COLD air masses over flat land (i.e. the Great Plains).

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