Saturday, September 22, 2007

No Taco For You!

Since hubby had just finished a big project at work, we decided to go out and celebrate a bit on Friday. There's this new Mexican restaurant just across the street where we can actually walk to, and we've been dying to try it out. We've walked over a couple of times and it was always packed with a long line of people waiting out on the street, so yesterday we thought we'd try to beat the dinner crowd by waiting until 8 p.m. and THEN go over. So, after watching a very enjoyable episode of Dr. Who, I fluffed up my hair and even put on some decent clothes (don't wanna look uncool at the new hip hangout!). And off we went. The large toad (? yeah, I don't know either) sitting right outside our building should have forewarned us, but on we continued - only to enter a restaurant, filled to the brim with happy partygoers and an estimated waiting time of 25 minutes. This, actually, made me mad. What is the DEAL? We are surrounded by every freakin' chain restaurant under the sun, and this one is crowded every_single_night?! It's like they are the freakin' holy grail of Mexican restaurants!
Oh well, we went home (toad was gone by then), had a Miller Chelada and some microwaved nachos. Bleh.

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