Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stuff that's not working.

Man, Blogspot keeps having issues - I've been looking through some blogs and noticed none of them had pictures, I thought, hey, is that the new thing? Pictureless blogs? But no, Blogspot just doesn't show them or is extremely slow loading them. Google seems to be down a lot too. And me, I've been down with a cold and a sore throat for the past week, breaking my perfect record of 3 cold-less years. I'm telling you, if it wasn't for Grether's throat soothing blackcurrant pastilles, I wouldn't be alive any more. Why is it that every other person of my generation had their tonsils removed when they were children, except for me? I have two older sisters! THEY had their tonsils removed! THEY got to eat ice cream at the hospital! Oh yes, I still remember that part *jealous little sister*... Me, I constantly had throat infections during my teens, but I guess I wasn't worth undergoing the knife... sob... THAT's why I have an ice cream eating problem nowadays! It all makes sense now!

(Sorry, that must be the drugs speaking).

In other news (things that ARE working), I made popovers for breakfast this weekend. I used the recipe from everybodylikessandwiches and what can I say, it was an instant winner! Hot from the oven, all buttery, slathered with some strawberry jam and apple jelly, delicious! I do have to say this would work better with a newer muffin tin, i.e. one with a good non-stick-coating *as opposed to my pre-war-model*. Next time I'll try them with some flavourings (parmesan and herbs, or maybe raisins and vanilla?) because I'm not too wild about the "eggy" taste.

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