Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fur Fightin'

Yep, I'm writing today about a pet hair remover tool. What with tornado season being pretty much over, my life has become so bland and meaningless that I actually ventured to try the new Scotch Fur Fighter on the cat's favorite lounging spots (his cat tree, his cat bed, and his (?) white, white, oh, so white Ikea sofa). With coupons here and here, I actually only paid about a dollar for the starter pack at Target.

The Fur Fighter (gotta love that name!) is basically a glorified rubber glove (which, in my experience, has always been the best method to remove cat hair from the couch), sporting a reusable handle and a disposable, thin little rubber mat, the "
gripper". Works beautifully, and much better than the ole lint roll or vacuum cleaner. Love it! The price is crazy high, though - 10 bucks for the starter pack, 5 bucks for the refills.

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