Saturday, July 05, 2008


After having copious amounts of brats and pasta salad, we went to the Leawood Fourth of July celebration, featuring the largest amount of bouncy castles I've ever seen on one spot (one shaped like the "Titanic" - DOOOOOOMMMM!), huge funnel cakes totally worth 35 minutes of standing in line for, a (pretty good) Beatles cover band called "Liverpool" (featuring 4 slightly pudgy guys with the original mushroom hair styles), lots of middle-aged suburbanites trying to rock out, (see video below), and 20 minutes of really nice, big FIREWORKS!

Unfortunately, we seemed to be sitting right where the wind was blowing the debris - the husband had a cardboard piece of rocket fall down on him, and little bits & pieces were showering down on us, but hey, FIREWORKS! Awesome! The danger just added to the excitement!

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