Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Secretary of Baking

I baked up some delicious Blueberry Breakfast Bars from Farmgirl Fare (as mentioned in my "Favorite Food Blogs" entry from last week) since my store had a "buy one, get two free" special on pints of blueberry. Normally they're far too expensive since they don't actually grow locally.

And then, since those turned out so well, I went for the Fruity Rock Buns by Yarnstorm. Instead of the glace cherries I used some frozen cherries which worked pretty well. The entire affair turned out a ittle too crumbly (maybe not enough egg?) but very, very good (especially with the Devon clotted cream I got from the English Teastore and some blueberry jam!).

While I was whirling around in the kitchen (which is definitely too small to do any whirling), a funny/weird aunt of mine (everybody should have a weird aunt or uncle!) came to mind who always called my mother "our Secretary of Baking" (Backminister!). I guess it was supposed to be sarcastic and maybe she was a little jealous of my mother's baking accomplishments, but we always thought it was hilarious.

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