Sunday, July 16, 2006


My list for this week:
  1. stop playing online Mahjongg at Gameduell
  2. really, really stop playing online Mahjongg.
  3. seriously, this is getting ridiculous.
  4. then, find resume and update it.
  5. send out resume to 10 agencies.
  6. cross fingers.
  7. while waiting, do not let self get talked into working any more hours as a pool attendant. gaaah, children peeing on the pool deck! into the pool! in the shower stalls! what is the DEAL with children?
  8. do something crafty so this blog doesn't look like a complete waste of time and space.
  9. hang pictures.
  10. write a bunch of e-mails.
Of course, it is SO hot here *in the 100s* that all a person can do is play some online games...


Mdx said...

Seriously, the wave pool my wife likes so much I call the Cesspool. All the chlorine in the world won’t stop children from doing what they do best. Screeching, screaming, peeing children, rock solid concrete, lukewarm yellow-tinted water, now how relaxing is that?

bellaconda said...

Right. Thank goodness our pool is so big that I can convince myself the chlorine is eating up anything nasty. Also, that's why I only get in the pool early in the day when the water is still "fresh" (the blessings of the self-employed)