Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can't kraft, must pack!

Guess the mystery city...

Well, five years in one place already seemed like a suspiciously long time to me... Hubby has a cool new job and off we go. Thank goodness I'm a pro when it comes to moving (although we're using a moving company for the first time and they have a whole new set of rules there. What, I can't pack stuff into black trash bags? But I always do that!)

Everything must be packed up by next week Friday. Whee! Harrison is helping a lot by pulling off tape from the boxes. One little kitty might accidentally end up locked in one of those and kept on the truck for a week! *j/k*

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Anonymous said...

Haha, ich weiss es, ich weiss es! Viel SpaƟ beim Umzug! vlg T