Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Things I could spend a fortune on

Right now I would very much like to buy everything from Amy Ruppel @ Vigocards. Right after raiding the Lotta Jansdotter store:

We had some nice little thunderstorms in the area last night. Quote the Tribune: "More than 3,200 cloud to ground strokes occurred in one 10 minute period late Monday within a 225 mile radius of Chicago" (now who on earth counts that?). There was basically constant lightning above the clouds, not quite touching the ground, something I'd never seen before. According to W., it seems to be rather typical for the Midwest though. Oh, and rolling thunder *my favourite*. When it finally began to pour, the water hit our balcony so hard it actually started coming through the balcony door inside. Fun! Wet towels everywhere! Freaked-out cat! Whee!

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