Thursday, November 30, 2006

Look out your window, KC: It’s snowing like crazy!

Today's headline on my local newspaper's website!

Second headline: an ominous sounding "Maybe it’s time to start worrying again."


I always find it funny how much crazier Americans seem to go over a little winter weather. Granted, the weather DOES seem to, sometimes, in some places, be a little more nasty than what I'm used to from home. Where I come from, you have to sing a song ""Yay, yay, yay, the first snow", as soon as you see the first snow flakes of winter. We like our snow. We don't worry about it.

(Me, I don't like snow THAT much, really. I could spend years in a nice warm place like Florida and not miss a thing. But then, I also don't like sauerkraut much).
So, it's been snowing almost all day out there. The cat didn't seem to mind it too much at first (on the balcony), but then suddenly he was in somewhat of a hurry to come back in - "What the hell, guys?!!" - my thinking exactly. A couple of days ago, it was still in the 60s and sunny, and today it's about 15 degrees. Blah.

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