Thursday, December 07, 2006

Maybe we should try this one instead

Aaah, Christmas. The eternal question - real or plastic? (at least if you live on the left side of the Atlantic; in Europe, people can still rightfully declare you insane if you put up a plastic tree). We, of course, have been enjoying our Ikea collapsible tree for the past 3 years or so (after I noticed that I'm allergic to whatever chemical stuff they spray on the real trees in America to make them last longer). The main problem with the Ikea tree was that after a year in the storage area, it smelled a bit musty. Since I'm not a big fan of artificial pine tree smell, I "febrezed" it. Now it smells like fresh laundry. Wonderful. A freshly laundered tree.

Here's another alternative I found on the Internet: The Christmas Tree Poster! As the website proclaims: "At almost 6 feet tall, the Christmas Tree Poster is so realistic visitors might even be fooled into thinking it's real (assuming they've been hitting the egg nog all afternoon)."

Let the festivities begin!

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