Friday, February 23, 2007

Listening to The Shins: Wincing the Night Away

Delightful indie rock. They sound like the love child of The Cure and The Smiths, with a bit of Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel mixed in. I can't even decide on a favorite song, they are all awesome! I first heard them on the "Garden State" soundtrack a few years ago (when Natalie Portman says in the movie "This song will change your life"? That was The Shins. Didn't change MY life I think, but then who knows. Natalie Portman wouldn't lie.)

This is one of their old album covers, isn't that a delightful shade of blue? Kinda reminds me of designer Lotta Jansdotter's work.

... and speaking of blue, I've been playing around with blue sculpey clay (Fimo) to try and make pendants. Man, that stuff is hard to wash off your hands!

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