Monday, September 24, 2007

Arts & Oompah

We actually had a double whammy here in KC on Sunday: the German Oktoberfest and the Plaza Art Fair.

First the Oktoberfest: Apart from the outrageousness of having to pay $5 entrance fee to listen to some oompah music (which isn't actually quite my style, since I'm a) not Bavarian and b) under the age of 80), there was, wait for it, ONE booth selling some vaguely German food (brats, brats and brats). The other food booths sold burritos (?), Italian ice (?), and then there was that Greek gyros booth selling, wait for it: Jambalaya (!). Also, there was pig racing and dry, dry pretzels and confused looking Americans in Bavarian clothing. Highlight: A small cup of Warsteiner beer for $5. Sigh.

The Plaza Art Fair was more fun (once we finally made it through the closed off streets to find the parking garage). However, it was really, seriously artsy, so there was nothing I could even remotely afford to buy, although I really loved these prairie grass pictures:

The peoplewatching (huge sunglasses! tiny doggies! funny, funny t-shirts!) is always awesome, though. Especially if done from the air conditioned window booth of a California Pizza Kitchen, munching on some Thai Crunch Salad. Yum!

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