Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Diet dreams

Instant messaging this morning between me and the hubby:
[08:54] me: i had a dream that i had to fill out a lot of forms for some sort of application

[08:54] he: ooooh

[08:55] me: and one of the questions was "list at least 15 low-fat milk drinks"

[08:55] me: it was a german thing

[08:55] he: damn

[08:55] he: i guess so

[08:55] me: and i was like, i have NO idea, arrrgh! nesquik, and then what?

[08:55] me: and you, you kept saying "BROTH!"

[08:55] he: hehe
[08:55] he: well that's not very helpful

[08:55] me: no

[08:56] me: i was under some sort of time constraint to fill that out,

[08:56] me: but you just DIDN'T understand

[08:56] he: awww

[08:56] me: i think it was immigration visa related

[08:56] me: "broth!"

[08:56] me: hahaha

[08:56] he: i try to be helpful

[08:56] me: it has to be a MILK drink!

[08:56] me: you're STILL not getting it!

[08:56] he: put some milk in the broth

[08:56] me: i might get deported!

[08:56] me: eeew

[08:57] he: delicious

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