Friday, April 15, 2011

SheSpeaks - New "Tostitos Artisan Recipes" tortilla chips

Yeah, the somewhat overused term "artisan" in combination with good ol' corn chips made me a little suspicious too, and I probably wouldn't have bothered to try them, had I not received a free coupon thanks to SheSpeaks. SheSpeaks is a great website for women to try out new products and give feedback (as opposed to SheYells, which is somewhat less popular among companies :D) .

So, we went and got the Fire-Roasted Chipotle chips (they also come in Roasted Garlic & Black Bean but I love Chipotle seasoning so I went straight for that one). These Tostitos contain 100% natural ingredients with a 9-grain blend: white corn, wheat, triticale, oats, rye, barley, millet, buckwheat, brown rice (I had to look up "triticale" - apparently it's a wheat/rye hybrid! Never heard of that!)

How I liked the Fired-Roasted Chipotle chips: Well, less than half of the bag is left after a day. They were too spicy for the hubster (hah!), but I thought they were JUST right. Mildly sweet with a little kick. Nice!

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