Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Last pictures from Lake Michigan *sob*

Wilmette Beach

From in between boxes

And of course now is the time that my tomato plants decide to put on a huge show. Don't care, it's off to the dumpster with you guys tomorrow! I'm curious how the rest of the plants is going to survive a possible week on the moving truck in searing midwestern heat. How do you choose your "favourite" plants that are allowed to go with you in the air conditioned car? It just breaks my heart... well, not really. They're just crappy Ikea plants anyway.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dog Mauls Bears

Dog Mauls Bears! Teddy Bears, That Is...

On Tuesday night, at a tourist attraction called Wookey Hole Caves in western England, Barney, a Doberman pinscher guard dog, briefly went berserk, running amok among a collection of teddy bears, including a 1909 German Steiff bear called Mabel reputed to have belonged, once upon a time, to Elvis Presley. (...) Barney chewed, tore, ripped and otherwise savaged about 100 teddy bears before his handler, Greg West, was able to restrain him. (...)

Photographs of Barney in British newspapers on Thursday showed the Doberman with what might or might not be an expression of canine contrition, sitting on his haunches amid detritus of glass eyes, amber fur, stuffing and other ursine innards. On the other hand, the expression may just have been saying, “Oops!”

The New York Times

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Can't kraft, must pack!

Guess the mystery city...

Well, five years in one place already seemed like a suspiciously long time to me... Hubby has a cool new job and off we go. Thank goodness I'm a pro when it comes to moving (although we're using a moving company for the first time and they have a whole new set of rules there. What, I can't pack stuff into black trash bags? But I always do that!)

Everything must be packed up by next week Friday. Whee! Harrison is helping a lot by pulling off tape from the boxes. One little kitty might accidentally end up locked in one of those and kept on the truck for a week! *j/k*