Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fun with plastic bags

So this is what I've been doing:

Cutting up store plastic bags like this

and working on some sort of bag/bowl like here.

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at following instructions ;-) so I'm just kinda free-forming so far, without any clue when to actually add on. Also, I've run out of blue bags so I've stopped at this point and am planning a humongous shopping spree at Walmart since they're the only place I know of that has blue bags...
Anyway, it looks like a misshapen beanie hat so far and I'm starting to hate it *just like most of my other craft projects, haha*

Here's one I couldn't quite ruin so far (but only because I'm actually following a pattern). However, I've been working on this cross stitch picture on and off since about December? last year. Sooo boooring!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Any way the wind blows (it's all worth waiting for)

We saw Toad The Wet Sprocket!

At "Taste of Randolph Street" (west of downtown Chicago) on 6/18/06. A little street fest with food, live bands, culinary demonstrations (we sat down for a sommelier demonstration where they handed out samples, yay!)

I was giddy with excitement all day, and it was so worth it!

Apart from some annoying people in the crowd around us, shaking their plastic cups of beer and yelling at each other, it was a perfect concert. I had tears in my eyes when they played the classics like "I will not take these things for granted" or "Whatever I fear". Who would have thought I'd ever get to see them!

Here's parts of three songs that I taped with my camera (bad audio quality, but what can ya do...):


Harry & Mousy
A Tentative Approach

Danke Insa for the cute mouse!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Vegas, Baby!

Spent four days in Las Vegas early June (our first time in Vegas!). I really liked the place, but I can see how it can get annoying after a few days. I loved visiting all the hotels and looking at all the sights & people / lions / fountains / pirate ships / rollercoasters / fake Elvises trying to sell you timeshares, but it was really exhausting (so much walking! and so hot!).
Fortunately, we spent a whole day in an air conditioned rental car, driving around in the canyons (Red Rock Canyon & Valley of Fire) outside Vegas, enjoying the gorgeous nature.

We didn't really do much of the typical Vegas stuff like Shows or gambling (we lost exactly 20 Dollars at the slot machines, hah!). William was mostly happy that we saw some chipmunks and lizards out in the desert ;-) Oh, and we really enjoyed the huge buffets (especially at the Paris and the Rio; snow crabs and filet mignon and sushi and cheesecake and Italian ice cream, oh my!), even though, good grief, they are expensive!! Whatever happened to cheap buffets?

Our hotel (Paris) was v. nice but v. overpriced, too. Next time I'd like to stay in "Old" Vegas, away from the strip, and see what it's like there! They have a big lightshow there at nightfall but we didn't get a chance to see that. Anyway, it was nice and exciting, but it's always good to come home again ;-)